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Agisanang Arts Ensembles is an NPO that is located in Kuruman,Northern Cape which aims to work with the youth of different communities within the Kuruman area. The founders saw the need to develop an outreach programme that will be based on creative arts for the psychological and skills development of the youth. The programme is designed to create an inclusive and innovative environment for skills development through creative arts. The different departments within the organisation work together to reach the main goals of the NPO which is to promote healthy living and career development within disadvantaged communities.


To provide music education and tutoring of different musical instruments within under resourced communities To provide a platform that will encourage the youth to express their thoughts and emotions through creativity


Youth is a critical development stage. It is a time when a young person need to acquire the attitudes, competencies, values, and social skills that will carry them advancing to successful life.  We pursue this through innovation to improve quality of life of the most vulnerable youth and children.


To create an inclusive, innovative and vibrant environment which is conducive to holistic living through creative arts. To provide career education regarding different careers within the arts industry

Teaching our Kids to Grow

Young people have their own life struggles and sometimes they sought to behaviour that is harmful to their mental and physical health. Agisanang Arts Ensembles focus on promoting healthy coping skills that will enhance youth’s problem solving skills. The programme is designed to assist the youth to focus on positive aspects of their lives.

Through arts, young people will learn how to deal with difficult situations and be able to express their concerns in a more creative and positive way.

Agisanang Arts Ensembles provides the young people with a platform to express their challenges and deal with them in a creative space which is non-judgemental,supportive and caring.

The facilitators of Agisanang Arts Ensembles are professional, and have many years of experience within their field of expertise. The different departments in the NPO are dance, drama, music,and career development with prospects of expanding to crafts and fine arts.  Agisanang Arts Ensembles founders realized that communities in rural areas are disadvantaged when it comes to learning creative arts skills. The school curriculum in most South African schools, especially in the rural areas, is limited when it comes to creative arts in the FET phase and henceforth. The programme focuses on providing individuals with informal education regarding dance and choreography, drama and theatrical performance as well as music and operation of musical instruments. Thus, with the aim that members will be able to advance their career within their field of interest.

Agisanang Arts Ensembles do not only provide artistic skills to members, but also provides the members with career education and career guidance. The programme is designed to provide members with necessary information regarding careers of interests within the arts industry i.e. career profiling, different institute’s requirements for admission and required skills to excel within the field of their interest. Workshops and career exhibitions are organized to educate members on the different arts related careers and to improve their chances of success when they apply for further education training in tertiary level. Members are also afforded opportunities to build their portfolios and showcase their skills and achievements. 

What more to help members relax and escape the worries and stresses of their everyday lives? Agisanang Arts Ensembles ensures that their members enjoy being part of the programme. Agisanang Arts Ensembles provides an environment that is peaceful, accepting and vibrant, not only allowing members to feel free expressing themselves but also have fun doing it. The programme is designed with an assumption that the more positive energy is felt by the members, the more the members will have a positive outlook on life. Members therefore benefit psychologically, focusing on mental, physical and emotional wellness.